Catch-us consists of a modular wooden toy based on the idea of strategy and balance that encourages children to develop their psycho-motor skills and coordination through aiming and throwing the hoops to the cactus.


Catch-us allows to develop the marksmanship of the child, bearing in mind always the concept of balance. With only seven pieces, children can build many different shapes, on which will be launched hoops trying to hook them without making falling the wooden toy.







Catch-us pieces detail






Catch-us pieces detail






It can be used individually or collectively using the toy in many different ways. For example, the child can play alone building increasingly complex cactus and then try to hook the maximum number of rings. But also the child can play with friends, building an unstable cactus for the "opponent friend" who has to throw and hook the rings on it.






Catch-us is a toy that aims to stimulate creativity and eye-hand coordination of the child.




Trends&Kids exhibition 2015.


Area Play nº 16 publication.






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