Cub consists in a warm light lamp and a drawer where you can deposit all the technology that distracts you and prevents from realizing other activities without being bothered and obtaining a moment where to be able to relax and disconnect.


Invites to communication and to connect with those or that which surrounds you.


The light is activated only when you close the drawer and so be able to read, draw, study, talk to your friends or just have a moment of disconnection and relax at home.



Due to the materials used and their easy assembly, Cub can be build by anyone who wants to and also customize it completely.



Disconnect and enjoy what is around you


Disconnect -Technology

Connect - Reality











Cub is based on the game "phone stack" that consists in leave your mobile phone face down in the center of the table when you are in a meeting with your family or friends and the first to take the mobile phone has to pay the bill.














Cub follows the philosophy that Enzo Mari employed in 1975 and nowadays is known as Open Source. The concept of this process of production is the possibility for the user to customize these products to suit their needs. The furniture is easily produced without ironworks which facilitates the assembly, disassembly and transport.


In this case, Cub is composed only by two materials; the material chosen for the structure has been plywood of 5 mm and for the lamp shade vegetable papyrus paper heavyweight. But it can be built by very different materials, to be chosen by the last user.


It should be noted that is only needed one panel of the material to cut all the parts that form the structure. Proving as well, from a manufacturing process and assembly, simple, quick and economic.


In addition, ironworks disappears, due to all parts are assembled in an intuitive way, as if it were a puzzle and in this way, the use of tools is not necessary.














The electric system consists in a circuit composed with a cable (H03VVH2 - F 2 x 0.75 mm2) installed under gutter adhesive PVC 6 x 9 mm, a magnetic sensor, a transformer 12 W LED DRIVER, 260-45 V 300 mA and a slim 12 W LED.


The power of the lamp will be through the mains AC 220 V, through the phase wire connects the magnetic sensor in the Terminal (NC) and (Comp), which open or close the circuit depending on the position of the other sensor.


Then through the couloir, carry the wiring to transformer located in the upper part of the structure, connecting it on the hand input AC 220 V and connecting the LED lamp, to the output of the transformer DC 45 V.













Step 1


It keeps everything that disctract you.

Step 2


Close the drawer and the lamp lights on.

Step 3


Enjoy the moment without distractions.


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