My pet plant consists in a toy kit formed with an intelligent greenhouse, a pot and an app.


The main of this toy is to teach responsibility, emotions, connect with nature and botanical exploration.


The greenhouse has a temperature sensor on the top, which communicates  to kids through the app if the temperature is adequate for the plant or if otherwise is too hot or too cold. In the same way, the pot has a humidity sensor that indicates also in the app if kids need to water their plant.












Kids can choose their pet plant (sunflower, tomatoes, strawberrys...) and follow  their grow meanwhile they  take care of  it.


During the grow  process of the chosen plant kids can learn through the app information about their plant, general botanical aspects and tips to take care the environment.


Also, kids can play different games with their personalized virtual plant in the app.


Children can build the greenhouse assembling the wooden parts and the two plastic pieces. Then, they can customize both the greenhouse and the virtual pet plant.








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