T O T E M playing with senses

Totem is a toy for blind kids and kids with visual disability of ages 4-6 and up, allowing help the children in their growth and the correct development of specific skills in each moment of their growth.







Depending the moment of growth of each kid, they will develop more some skills than others; at 4-6 years old, children will dedicate the game for the develop of senses, balance, basic motor skills, imagination and pattern recognition.


As they grow, kids can develop other skills like memory, sociability and problem solving.


Totem consists in 12 pieces of basswood combining different craft processes to make easier the recognition by the senses; 4 pieces of smell, 4 of touch and 4 of audio.


Audio and smell pieces can be customized by an adult, thanks to the plug located at the bottom of the piece.


Totem allows a large number of games, which are adapted to the age and individual development of each child; construction sets, identify, distinguish and match identical pieces, imitation games (towers, series, Simon says...), gambling, memory and many more.







Customizable Totem wooden pieces of smell







Customizable Totem wooden pieces of smell







Customizable Totem wooden pieces of smell







Customizable Totem wooden pieces of audio







Customizable Totem wooden pieces of audio







Totem wooden pieces of touch







Totem's ergonomics has always been present in the development of the toy, due to it is addressed to children with visual impairment, it must have measures and an easy way to grab and manipulate. Therefore, for Totem measures have been studied anthropometric hand's dimensions of children of 4 to 6 years.


Regarding the technical conditions of the toy, the material chosen it is the Basswood, due to its clear finish, hardness, absence of knots, texture, ease of turning and little impact on the environment. The manufacturing process, on the other hand, consists mainly turning and drilling. All parts are machined in the same way and with the same measures, which with the use of the copier the process, the manufacturing time and labour decreases considerably.








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